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Core Features of the marketing packages

Social media marketing can be a nightmare, not only do you have to make sure that your posts are engaging, but you also need to be ready to reply to any messages as fast as a phone call.

Our team ensures your posts meet an acceptable balance of industry related news and your own promotions, while we reply to any messages promptly and professionally. This ensures you keep your likes going up and your followers following.

It's great to have a fancy website but is it doing the job? After our marketing team has interviewed your company, they will review and edit the content on your website. Then they will get to work on the SEO. This is an essential ongoing service that needs to be monitored in order get Google to index your website the way you want to communicate it.

Google and other search engines don't cheat and neither do we, which is why all our clients rank on the 1st page of Google for their chosen keywords and phrases.

Over the past decade our attention spans have reduced dramatically, less is more, and writing an article that engages with the reader can be a tricky task. Our team of professional copywriters ensure that every bit of text that represents your company, is done so with the highest standards.

We also ensure that all of the articles we write for your company will drive traffic to your site and help generate quality leads.

Email marketing, we all hate spam mail, yet sometimes we don't always unsubscribe to all of them. That's the trick and that's magic of a high quality and executed email marketing campaign.

We follow the strict guidelines of the ECC Act. Which means you do not have to worry about annoying any of your customers, or potential customers. Every email campaign comes complete with a detailed report of its success.

Our goal is simple, we want you to outsource all of your online marketing needs to us. Why? because not only will it save you on the HR we will get the job done right, we are the professionals.

And at the end of every month we provide you with a detailed report of all the work completed, the highlights, the data, and the plan for the following month.

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